Flowers & More…

Project scope
Brand Visual Identity, Packaging, Digital Strategy, Website

Having an artist for a client is always demanding but what a pleasure it is to work with someone who is a master of fine esthetics.

“Make it simple. Nothing should stand in the way of the beauty of flowers. They are the stars. We need a clean brand with a twist” she said.
Sounds easy, right?

What a pleasure this journey was for us. Because it is a journey. Every time we create a Brand we go deep. We ask a lot of questions. In order to create a successful brand, we have to understand our Client’s minds and aspirations. Good Brands are the ones Clients can feel comfortable with. The ones that fit. Like a pair of perfect shoes. Or a perfect flower in this case.

Stunningly beautiful. That is what flowers are and that is what we have created for OMO.

Beauty and simplicity. With a twist. As requested.

Some more work we did