Blu Chocolate

The Art of chocolate

Project scope
Packaging, Graphic Design, Creative & Art Direction

Pleasure. Perfection. Artisan chemistry and attention to every detail.

That is what Blu is. Chocolate at its best.

Layers and more layers of taste and sensations. They come in waves, waking all your senses.
We fell in love with Blu and their chocolates. We discovered a world we have never seen before. An amazing and extraordinary world of people so devoted to perfection that it inspired us to create a brand that will stand out from all the other chocolates on the market.

“It comes in waves” is what we have created, and they recognized it the moment they saw it.
It was a perfect match. One made in heaven. We worked in the dust of hand-powdered cocoa, inspired by the amazing tastes we discovered every day and it shows.

A bit hippy, exclusive at the same time, and inviting for sure – Blu stands out as one of the sweetest tasks we have ever faced.

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