Chuk Palu

Art from Afghanistan

Project scope
Brand Visual Identity, Website

Nothing makes us happier than to contribute to the spreading of art, especially when it requires collaborating with great artists like Rahim Walizada. Coming from three generations of craftspersons and antique dealers, Rahim is a fervent ambassador of the traditional Afghan textile craft and art of embroidery. With a passion to revive this tradition, Rahim highlights the beauty of his country through his own carpet brand, Chuk Palu, which tells the story of Afghanistan.

Chuk Palu’s rugs are completely handmade by local weavers in Afghanistan. They reflect the creativity of their founder while paying tribute to a folkloric craft tradition that remains one of the oldest cultural techniques that humans possess.

Honoured to be chosen by Rahim as a branding consultant, the ZERO11 team made sure to create a brand identity that reflected the beauty and passion of the Afghan tradition in the most inspiring ways. While the logo was specially designed to recall the overlapping handcrafted carpets, natural colours and simplicity were adopted in other materials to express the subtle and delicate nature of this art.

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