Baker Botts Middle East

Arbitration Report

Project scope
Graphic Design, Production

With offices around the globe, Baker Botts has been serving leading industries, organizations and individuals since 1840, while staying at the forefront of emerging technologies. ZERO11 was selected to design the company’s arbitration report, which is distributed in all its offices around the world. Designed as daily newspapers, the report is not only easy to read, deliver and carry around, but has also a modern look and feel that makes it inviting and unique.

ZERO11’s aim was to add life and dynamism to what is often seen as dry and corporate, whilst maintaining a high level of distinction and sophistication. This was achieved primarily through imagery and typography. Robust, earthy and tactile material choices, the quality of print finishes, and the visual texture of paint contributed to finding a fairly comfortable meeting point between corporate and friendly, between familiar professionalism and an element of the unexpected.

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