Roche Middle East & Asia

Who said annual reports had to be dry and boring

Project scope
Graphic Design, Production

When a leading client like Roche requires branding for its annual report, the right branding consultant would not treat this request as an ordinary one.

Being approached by the Swiss multinational healthcare company known to provide innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of patients globally, ZERO11 knew that nothing less than extraordinary should be done when it comes to handling this job.

Going back to the source, we drew our inspiration from Ibn Sina’s Canon of Medicine to complete the design. Wrapped with a handmade leather cover, the report’s pages are made with old-looking paper that reflects what once was one of the rare medical books in the world. With more than 120 pages and 13 country highlights, we designed an annual report that isn’t just about graphs, newspaper clips and numbers. Each page is a creative work of art, revealing calligraphy ornaments that recall the traditional roots of medicine and add a little bit of magic for the eyes.

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Having an artist for a client is always demanding but…