Lootah Holding

Navigating the future

Project scope
Graphic Design, Website

Born out of the pioneer vision of its founder and Chairman Saleh Saeed Lootah, Lootah Holding is a family-owned business that ventures in multiple industry sectors, contributing to the international expansion of its national economy and creating the most innovative business opportunities. Deeply rooted in its country’s heritage, Lootah Holding fosters its local resources and entrepreneurial culture to export home-grown businesses to the global scene and become a driving force for national and regional economic growth and progress.

When it came to designing its 2015 annual report, Lootah Holding resorted to ZERO11’s expertise. Combining the leadership, values, innovation, and expansion strategy of the company, it was agreed to establish the branding direction on the idea and tagline of “Navigating the Future”. From this mission statement stemmed the feel and mood of the annual report, recalling through its sepia colours and its maritime-inspired visuals the leadership values of the company and its aspiration to spread, expand, and thrive.

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