German engineering, ZERO11 development


German engineering, ZERO11 development

Does it even need introduction? We’ll do it anyway.
Volkswagen is the product and the flagship marque of the German Volkswagen Group, the largest carmaker in Europe. Meaning “people's car” in German, Volkswagen is also the current international slogan of the company and a name that has inspired trust and quality for generations in the automotive field.

As worldwide, Volkswagen is a brand renowned for its excellence and distinction in the Middle East, and one ZERO11 was chosen to collaborate with.

German engineering, ZERO11 development! When our client decided it was time to shake the market with a captivating campaign, we pushed all boundaries to ensure an impeccable front end / back end development and a smooth digital production that would reflect the top-notch image of the brand.

Covering both online and offline scenes, our work entailed digital, print, and after-sales POS initiatives that ensured the holistic effect we were looking for. From small mobile banners to one of the largest screens in UAE, catalogues, brochures, magazines and video banners played at Dubai Mall and on streets around, the campaign’s development secured a huge success worth of the German brand.



Authentic French rosisserie

When a new organic chicken brand flies all the way from France to Dubai to dazzle the gourmet palates, it definitely deserves a warm welcome.



Who said annual reports had to be dry and boring

Going back to the source, we drew our inspiration from Ibn Sina’s Canon of Medicine to complete the design.



Turning passion into profits

Understanding that women do business differently, one of their key focuses is to support female-led businesses.



Breathe in the benefits

For its launch campaign in the UAE, the new oxygen therapy concept needed a branding strategy and identity that could accurately communicate the importance and impact of the product.